Free Mediation Project – Major Impact

2nd OCTOBER 2019

The Society is delighted to announce that in its first eight weeks at the RCJ/Central County Court its Free Mediation Project, supported by the judiciary and Court staff, has – 

*  conducted 86 mediations ‘at the door of the Court’

*  briefed over 300 people on mediation

*  involved 83 volunteers in different roles – from mediating to guidance

*  used 37 different mediators

*  converted 40 alumni from pupil status to fully accredited mediators 

*  allowed 26 mediators to undertake their first mediation (as a co-mediator)

and the Project has been hailed as an outstanding success.  The Society owes much to the efforts of Keith Ealey, Bernie Ealey and Ruby Sandhu in making this happen, as well as to the volunteers and Project designer Jonathan Dingle.  It will return to the RCJ in 2020 and other versions of the Project are already in the design stage nationally. 

A full research paper is being prepared on the lessons learned and the opportunities for the future.  This will include assessment of mediation styles, the effectiveness of different types of training, and the prospects for establishing this charitable venture, offering mediation free at the point of use, in the RCJ permanently. 

For more information on the Project contact

For information on how to train with the Society, which will allow you to conduct your required observations and then a first mediation with the Project, please call Yazmyn on 0207 353 3936