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Richard Bull

Retired Police Officer, Company Director, Faculty Member The Society Of Mediators and Founder and lead Mediator Janus Mediation Services.

Richard served for 31 years as a police officer. As a senior negotiator in the service for over a decade he dealt with every imaginable situation — from kidnap, hostage crises and counter terrorism to internal police investigations. Thanks to this experience he brings well honed skills to the practice of mediation —hard won expertise from out in the real world.

Alongside his police career he has been a hands-on director of one of the largest privately owned transport/holiday companies in the midlands .  He brought his skills to bear on complex situations encountered in business — from boardroom disputes, finance negotiations to health & safety cases and contractual issues.

With effective communication and consideration, he believes it is possible to resolve any dispute fairly — with universal human values at the centre of things. He is passionate about the power of mediation — simply because he has facilitated resolution in so many different situations.

Believing mediation should be available to all he gives his time to two charities as a volunteer mediator, Resolve West in Bristol and The Free Mediation Project.

He describes himself as a very retired rugby player but still a fan and a reasonable golfer, playing to a 7 Handicap.