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John Sephton MBE

BSc, Chartered FCIPD, Chartered FCMI, MSoM

John is an experienced generalist leader with specialist skills in business coaching, behavioural change, achievement and conflict resolution.

He works with senior leaders and teams in organisations, as well as individuals and groups, in order to achieve clarity of purpose and / or resolve conflict in the often seemingly intractable challenges encountered in the workplace and elsewhere.  Prior to this he was an officer in the Royal Navy for 27 years during which time he specialised in meteorology and oceanography before undertaking senior roles in HR.

In mediation he has a wealth of experience in providing opportunity, to enable participants to achieve outcomes in workplace disputes, as well as in civil and commercial claims.  And his environmental knowledge is of increasing value in matters relating to the impact of our changing climate.

A long standing trustee of the Society of Mediators and a leading trainer within the faculty, John is the current president of the Society.