Terms and Conditions

On the payment of the fees due, course delegates are deemed to agree to this contract for the provision of training to them by The Society of Mediators (SoM).

The training to be provided

In consideration of the full fee due including VAT, the SoM agrees to provide you with the training from time to time applicable on the course stated. This will be to a reasonable standard by members of the SoM Faculty that is published from time to time at the SoM website together with any guest tutors who will be of comparable standard.

The exact composition of the training course staff used on any course may be varied by the SoM for a variety of circumstances. Ratios and numbers are not guaranteed although on full courses the ratio of staff to students will not usually be less than 1 to 10 and will normally be 1 to 6 or less. On CPD days, there will usually be 1 staff member for no more than every 20 students.

The SOM does not guarantee that attendance on the course will mean that you pass the course. You accept that a proportion of students may not pass, and whilst the SoM will use its best endeavours to help you achieve the required standards, ultimately it will depend on your own aptitude and ability. You also accept that all materials are copyright to the SoM and you will not film or record the course.

After payment

After you have paid, you will then have a 14 day “cooling off” period to cancel your place without loss, unless there are fewer than 14 days to go until the course begins – in which case your booking will be deemed a “late booking”. Once the “cooling off” period has expired then you may still (subject to what is written below) cancel or amend or transfer your booking.

Provided there are more than 14 days to go before the course begins you may cancel by email or in writing, or rebook to another course, or transfer the place to another person, subject to an administrative fee of £100 + VAT being retained by (or paid to) the SoM as needed. Please note though, that if you have been offered a discount because of your circumstances, then unless the person to whom you wish to transfer has the same circumstances, the discount will not apply.

If there are fewer than 14 days before the course begins, but more than 7 days, then except in the case of a “late booking” you may change dates with an administrative change of £100+VAT to cover the SoM’s cost. If you cancel your place in this period you will lose 50% of the fee paid.

If there are 7 days or less before the course begins, then you may amend the booking subject to an administrative charge of 50% of the fee paid to cover the SoM’s costs. If you cancel in this period, or simply fail to attend for any reason, then you lose the whole of the fee.

“Late bookings” may not be amended or cancelled. We strongly recommend you insure against illness or other reasons for cancelling.

Please do not hesitate to ask us if you do not understand these terms and conditions.