Mediation Training & Development with SoM


The Society of Mediators has assembled a world-class group of trainers and educators for the programme.

Unlike other mediation “schools”, “colleges”, or organisations who make the same or similar bold claims, all our trainers actually mediate regularly, and have many years of experience so doing. Our trainers are diverse, and have worked internationally to great acclaim.

They have seen and delivered mediation in different contexts, communities, and commercial settings. They have built successful practises and can draw on thousands of mediations when they teach. With that very real knowledge of what it is like, acting as a neutral between those in conflict, our course students learn practical and pragmatic mediation.  

The training is recognised and accredited worldwide, recognised by the Civil Mediation Council (CMC), the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and many other bodies. Our course leader co-founded the Civil Mediation Council and helped establish bodies in other countries. This exceptional pedigree offers you, or your organisation, the assurance of complete confidence and commercial competence. It is mediation – for your future.

Accredited Mediation Training

These courses offer accreditation as mediator over five consecutive days with an examination and support.

You will see on the Courses page that our course fees are around half the price of those offered by commercial providers – this is because SoM run the courses on a not for profit basis.

All our leaders and tutors are paid equally, a fair but modest sum, and the balance funds our charitable programme.

The quality of our training exceeds that available elsewhere at higher cost. Our faculty are all experienced practicing mediators.

Modular Mediation Training

Spread over three 2-day modules these courses lead to the same accreditation but are structured to provide easier accessibility to those who may find five consecutive days difficult.

Modules can be taken up to six months apart and are run in the City of London or in-house for Chambers, Law Firms and other organisations.

The first module provides the foundation, the second core skills and the third higher skills.

The training uses the same faculty members as the full course and provides the same exceptional experience and standards.

Further Professional Development

SoM believes that training and development does not end upon completion of the basic accredited training course.

The skills which this profession entails benefits from life-long learning and review of ones practice.

To this end we also offer Advanced Mediation Training, Workplace Mediation Training as well as Evaluative Mediation Training (including specialist courses on Costs, Workplace and Employment and Clinical Negligence & Personal Injury).

A Diploma in Mediation is also in development and will be due for launch in 2019/2020.